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MW Recruitment is a specialist banking and finance recruitment company, dedicated to servicing and building success by providing honest, level-headed advice to both Clients and Candidates.

Our priority has always been to forge and preserve genuine long-term relationships. We understand that Candidates can become Clients and vice versa; our focus is to maintain our professional integrity from start to finish and beyond.
We have built up a consistent network of relationships within industry, and as such have had the opportunity to understand the focus and culture of different businesses. Through experience we are continuously learning what our Clients and Candidates are looking for in each other, so that we can provide a truly tailored service to both parties.

We remain eager to build ever stronger relations with Clients, to source the best matched talent; to continue learning and build on our successes thus far. We understand the importance of keeping abreast of market developments and trends and being able to impart that knowledge to our Clients. We hope this aptitude and appetite for learning is evident in the standard of our efforts.

Consequently, we have earned ourselves a reputation as an approachable and sincere firm. Above all, each consultant enjoys working in an atmosphere where they are encouraged to exhibit their own personality, whilst maintaining a thorough professionalism and we hope this contributes to making us, at the very least, an enjoyable team to work with.

To find out more phone the team on 0207 778 0724

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